Wedding Photography I’ve shot over 70 weddings now, so what keeps me not just working in wedding photography but also immensely interested in it? First you have to love the event itself, the emotions, the traditions, the regalia and decorations. It always sounds cheesy when people call it a “special day” but it really is. There’s an extra spark or energy on a couple’s wedding day that you don’t see in the consults before or delivering products afterwards. Besides showing what actually happened on that day, part of wedding photography is capturing that something extra. I also like wedding photography because of the challenges. As far as photography goes, weddings are beset on all sides with technical, creative, and timing challenges. Churches and reception halls are dark, outside at 3pm it's too bright yet you have to make it work. Three things help the photographer. The first is professional equipment. You have to go well above and beyond what's available at the typical electronics counter and do research to stay current with the equipment that will execute your vision. The second is experience.  You have to know what to look for, what's about to happen, what works, and what doesn't. Finally there's creativity. Not only giving a couple something that is uniquely them, but also being able to spot photographic opportunities in things others may not see. A mixture of these three elements, equipment, experience, and creativity, are essential in overcoming the challenges specific to wedding photography and consistently delivering quality work to clients. Portrait Photography Wal-Mart does portraits for a more than fair price of $5 (of course just try not spending $100 while you're there). If you want the same flat picture everyone gets against a pale blue, sky-like, background then go there. I'm looking to do something completely different in the studio or out. More specifically I look to incorporate elements from the glamour, fashion, and urban genres. My goal in any portrait session is to have the images look like they were just ripped out of a magazine. --James Paul